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About Me


I write screenplays.

I write screenplays about folks who don't garner a lot of news and who live in places most would never want to call home.  My dramas are sometimes referred to as "character-driven" and are written with low budgets in mind.


I am also a SAG-AFTRA actress, a photographer, a filmmaker and I dabble* as a stand-up comic. Those are some of the things I do -- not necessarily who I am.  As I have projects in the works, I will let you know about them here. Or possibly HERE.

My screenplay Orfano di Padre was a semi-finalist in the Austin Film Festival and in the Bluecat Screenwriting Contest.  I also placed in several other contests including Creative Screenwriting’s Screenplay Contest,  Act One, and most recently placed in the top 10% of The Academy Nicholl Fellowships in Screenwriting.  

I’m a native Montana lady, the mother of five incredible growing people, and a wife to my oh-so-blessed husband.  The power in the household belongs to our multitude of cats and our two rescued Australian Shepherd mutts.  Oh yeah -- and the chickens.  They count, too. 

Trained as an old-school journalist, I respect life and the stories and lives of other humans.  I feel bias is an enemy to stimulating discussion and personal growth. My interests and ideas are not limited by my sex, age, or past.

*I would like to do more than "dabble," but there is gawd-damned pandemic going on.  Oy, the glut of covid-19 jokes... when will it end?  Fun as ZOOM drinking parties have been, Corona isn't funny, but I still like the beer.






Working Girl

Working Girl

Collaboration is cool! 
If you have a project, idea, or other thoughts you'd like to discuss, please contact me.  I'm happy to offer feedback or hands-on participation.


Contact Me
Tel: 310/321-8990

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Thank you! I'll be in touch soon!

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