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"I Give Myself Very Good Advice..."

Updated: Jan 24, 2021

and like the rest of the lovely song goes as sung by the even lovelier Kathryn Beaumont, "...but I very seldom follow it." That song is my theme song. If I had the bucks I would pay Disney for the rights and have that song blast all over my site because it's perfect:

"I give myself very good advice But I very seldom follow it That explains the trouble that I'm always in Be patient, is very good advice But the waiting makes me curious And I'd love the change Should something strange begin Well I went along my merry way And I never stopped to reason I should have known there'd be a price to pay Someday,… "

Alas, I do not have the rights but take a listen if you are not familiar with it: Poor Alice...

I've yet to make my point here. Yeesh... Keep reading, pretty please:

It's the year of Our Lord, 2021 and the good news is, it's still the month of January. This means I have roughly 11.5 months to get myself together, dig in and make my New Year's Resolutions happen. It's an extensive list, and if you watched the video, you know how hefty my list of goals is, and how much work I have ahead of me.

I have more time now that the election is over. I've banned myself from watching the news. I will have to replace my exercise of throwing rocks at the tube and the radio, however, and replace it with some bona fide strength and cardio training.

Recently, I took an online 7-day class from Location Indie's "7-day Side Hustle Success Challenge," taught by Location Indie's Travis Sherry. For the little money I spent, it was well worth it. From the class, I learned several worthy points, tips, and advice about how to launch my business -- and this time I intend to take the advice. (OMG...If you could hear the naysayers in my head at this very moment! A battle royale with my courage!).

Moving along...

This post is part of what I learned. To make progress, I must make myself accountable. Less succinctly, I must track and account for my choices (business - life choices), and to do that, I need to report to someone who will hold me to my own promises.

Here's the thing. I've burned a LOT of bridges. Yes, I have a loving family who in theory and well-intended confirming words would agree to be my accountability partner, but I know they are weary of my manic plans and my depressed efforts to move forward. So, as I said in the class, I will set my accountability page here and write in what I've done or failed to do -- publicly shaming or applauding my efforts.

This, of course, Dear Curious Reader, is not necessarily going to help your life. It may be encouraging for you to witness my successes and failures. It may help you see yourself in a better light. If you want to comment and offer feedback, I'm all ears -- and eyes, (I need them to read your comments). But if Travis gets a gander at this, this is me saying: "Here it is, Teach. Look! I am following through!"

By the way, as I said, I truly got a lot out of Travis's teaching of the 7-day Side Hustle Success Challenge. (He's a great teacher -- very talented, super motivating). Location Indie offers a unique service, teaching people like myself who are the perpetual square peg trying to fit into a round hole. I'm just not cut out for day-in-day-out regular corporate employment. (I've tried.) You can listen to their podcast if you need a boost today. When slots open up I'd like to sign up for the full membership at Location Indie. Freedom, baby. Freedom for my family. Freedom to move, to travel, to live! That's what I want.

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