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Screenplay Loglines:

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The Hum

The Hum is a futuristic science fiction feature about a dissident ham radio operator who must pinpoint and destroy a negative energy build up in the Earth’s core that is shaking the Earth apart from the inside out and, if it isn’t stopped, will wipe out mankind.

Orfano di Padre

ORFANO DI PADRE, a semi-finalist script at the Austin Film Festival, is a home front tale based on true events. During WWII, Missoula, Montana was home to one of the nation's Italian internment camps -- over 466 Italian men were detained and kept from their home country in the small western town for four years. For a brief period, the camp also held many Japanese-American citizen's as well. Though the story is fictional, the history behind it is not. ORFANO DI PADRE (Fatherless) is about a misunderstood Italian-American boy who tries to save Joltin' Joe DiMaggio's father from the Italian internment camp during World War II.

Stuart's Peak

is a dramatic coming-of-age story about a dishonorable group of high school friends who do one cool thing: they steal the body of their deceased friend, Stuart, so to honor his last request and bury him in a traditional Native American ceremony on top of a local mountain peak.

Lucky 13

LUCKY 13 is a romantic comedy about a divorced, down-on-his luck (as if he ever had any) photographer who wins, then loses the winning Powerball ticket, and in his search for the lost ticket, finds what truly matters in life and becomes richer than he ever knew possible.

In Spite of Herself

A quirky comedy about Maddy, a young dreamy-eyed actress who after making one wrong stupid choice after another finds success purely by accident -- though help from above probably had a lot to do with it.

Gay Bar for the Straight Guy

Gay Bar for the Straight Guy is about a Vietnam vet, whose failing Veterans Bar suddenly becomes the new and only Gay bar in town,  but the bar and clientele are threatened not only by the homophobic Western town, but by the owner himself who does everything he can to return the bar to “normal.”

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