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I Think I'm O.K.

In case you were concerned, yes, I am still alive.

I am not buried underneath a bridge, nor am I living underneath one, but -- to be fair, I too was a little concerned regarding my whereabouts.

This post is short, but without giving you too many gritty details that will not add one shred of joy or wisdom to your life today, I decided to add it to my "Accountability" page.

However, since you are here, reading this -- I do want to give you a little bit of wisdom and guidance. Here it is: Don't Quit.

Earth-shaking advice I know, but seriously -- DON'T QUIT. Modify, adapt, re-fashion, re-brand but continue to take steps forward and DON'T QUIT.

Even on the days, you feel crazy, stupid, a waste of human matter -- keep going. Even if you feel like you are the biggest loser of all time -- and maybe at this moment you are -- I don't care -- just DON'T QUIT.

You will never forgive yourself for giving up. You'll blame others for your demise. You'll come up with stories to satisfy your reasons for self-loathing and the loathing of others and their choices and you'll feel like everyone is lucky and blessed but you -- but it's not true. If you're alive -- you have another shot. Take a shot. (No, not tequila or whiskey or vodka -- stop it). Take your shot at YOUR Dream. Today, take ONE SHOT TOWARD your DREAM, then do it again, and again, and again, and again. Every rejection, every fail, every embarrassment, chalk it up to a lesson ( and yes, take a moment to consider the lesson) and then get up and take yet another shot being the person you want to be.

I won't say I believe in you.

My belief in you doesn't matter. Only your belief in yourself and in God who sustains, strengthens, and blesses you with breath and a heartbeat, matters.

Okay -- if you kind of still want to see what the heck I've been doing - hop on over to accountability but if not, no worries. I'll be back.

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